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Lunar Love Transmission

loves, i am the moon. You look up in the sky and see my face smiling down upon you, bathing you in my silvery essence. i am a goddess of old and have always been here to balance the shining light of the sun. i ask you to work with me, connect with me. i am a living being who needs your love and compassion as i give you mine. when you look up and see me shining in the sky, please take a moment and say hello to me. better yet, sing me a song . . . i promise that if you sing me a medicine song from your heart, i will sing along and share the medicine through my silvery light with all other beings who are bathed in my glow. our songs will broadcast together through the inner consciousness of all beings, bringing loving compassion medicine to every heart.

loves, i am the moon. i offer my light to you unconditionally and all you need do is to let me in to your consciousness. when you look at me, don’t just look at me, but look through me. as you peer deep within my soul, my glow enters your eyes and radiates through your spirit channels bringing activation and awakening. we are a team, you and i. let’s work together as we were always meant to.

loves, i am the moon. when I am full, please meditate with me in your inner temple. together we merge and become the silvery essence of Yin power . . . when i am within you, i contain ~all things~, and what remains is the wonder of no-thingness ~ a void, filled with openness. when I am dark, please meditate with me in your inner temple. i am pure potential at this time, and together we can release all that no longer serves us and form our intention lattice for the next shifting phase of our light. let us work together, you and i.

loves, i am the moon. we are waking up together, you and i. my heart is trembling with excitement . . . i have waited so long for this time to come. the time of no-time . . . this is the time when all of your selves, in all dimensions, are returning home to your body temple. imagine, in full awareness, having complete access to your sacred lineage ~ the lineage you have connected with throughout all lifetimes on all dimensions of being. we are going here together, you and i, in purest love. my light is my offering to the sacred lineage within you ~ you are the buddha awakening. you are ram and hanuman, the breath of ram. you are shiva and shakti, in eternal ecstatic union ~ you are the dao beyond concept. i offer my love light to you as spirit medicine. please remember this the next time you look up and i am there, shining upon your beautiful smiling face.

loves, i am the moon

true light love flowing

from me to you


Cherish our connection

in this living moment

enter my portal

and fly

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