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The Way of Qi Cultivation

Qigong, Taiji, Xinyi

Emei Wu (Shamanic) Qigong:


The Emei Wu Zhengong lineage roots reach deep into the Wu shamanic and Daoist villages and temples of China through my Daoist Master Zhongxian Wu.  


The Qigong forms and meditations I practice and share initiate a process of internal alchemy wherein the body’s vitality (Jing) transforms into energy (Qi) and further refines into spiritual energy (Shen).  We can say we strengthen the body (Jing) to build our life energy (Qi) in order to strengthen and clarify our consciousness (Shen) and return to the Dao.


When you develop a daily practice of Emei Qigong, many old patterns and diseases transform and you will find your whole life becoming clearer and more connected to nature through the present moment.




Hidden Immortal Taijiquan:


Taiji (Tai Chi) is an ancient internal martial art of meditative movement that has been passed down through the generations in China. It is used for strengthening one’s health, energy, balance and longevity. Taiji is a practice of cultivating one’s body, mind and spirit. The hidden immortal lineage of Tai Chi was brought to the United States by Master Zhongxian Wu 


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