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Oran Mór ~ A Summer Solstice Celebration of Soulful Celtic Song and Poetry with Ryan Powell
live @ T.C. O'Leary's Pub 
2926 NE Alberta St. Portland OR
6/21/2018 8 - 10pm free

Join me for an evening of song, poem and story as we lift our glasses to the health of our world and all within it. I will sing for us songs of Ireland and Scotland along with some original compositions interwoven with readings of poetry and a bit of Bardic storytelling recounting Amergin Glúingel, the warrior bard, who first stepped foot on Ireland and claimed the land for the Celts from the Tuatha De Dannan by reciting a magical poem. 

This evening Ryan (one half of the Hills & Hollows duo) will guide our journey through the mists of time on Irish Bouzouki, Guitar, Bodhran, Whistle, Didjeridu, Voice and live looping. 

T.C. O'Leary's is a warm and inviting Irish pub located on NE Alberta St. which offers gluten free Fish & Chips, fine drinks and well poured pints of Guinness. The owners Tom and Siobhan hold a welcoming presence to all who come through the doors and the walls are decorated with pictures of their ancestors. Tis a fine place to warm up on a cool Portland evening. 

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