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Lineage 派

Lineage is the tributary which flows from an ancient source through and into those of us practicing these arts in the present day.  

When we practice these traditional wisdom arts, we become part of an energetic stream flowing from the ancient mythological shaman kings, through the sages and immortals of old, through the teachers and masters and into your own body, heart and mind in this present moment. 


In the Wu 巫 and Hidden Immortal Lineages 隱仙派 we connect with respect and gratitude to the energy of the masters who came before us, who devoted their lives to the Dao, and who passed on their knowledge so that we might improve our lives and find our Way.  This connection strengthens and supports our daily practice.


Hidden Immortal Taiji

Taishang Laojun 太上老君, Li Er 李耳 

Wenshi Zhenren 文始真人, Yin Xi 尹喜

Mayi Daozhe 麻衣道者, Li He 李和

Xiyi Xiansheng 希夷先生, Chen Tuan  陳摶

Huolong Zhenren 火龍真人

Zhang Sanfeng Zushi 三丰祖師

Wang Zongyue 王宗岳 「Wudang He Style Taiji (Wudang HeShi Taiji 武当和氏 太极)」

Jiang Fa 將發

Xing Xihuai 邢喜懷

Zhang Chuchen 張楚臣

Chen Jingbai 陳敬百

Zhang Zongyu 張宗禹

Zhang Yan 張彥

Chen Qingping 陳清萍

He Zhaoyuan 和兆元

He Jingzhi 和敬芝

He Qingxi 和慶喜

Zheng Wuqing 鄭悟卿

Yang Yongji 楊永積

Wu Zhongxian 吳忠賢

Emei Qigong


The forms’ lineage was passed down to my teacher Master Wu Zhongxian 吳忠賢 by renowned Chinese medicine doctor, martial artist, and Qigong master Yu WenCai 于文才, from the SiChuan 四川 region of southwest China. 

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