Qi of Sound Healing Session


»  Shamanic Sound Healing
»  Qigong Energy Work, or “Qi Healing”
»  Spiritual Counseling


During your Healing Session your whole being is infused with sacred tones of voice, gongs, didjeridu, rainstick, rattle, drum, flutes, tuning forks, Tibetan bowls, and more. Sound vibrations combine with grounded Qigong Healing techniques to allow for the deepest restoration of your body, mind and spirit.


After your session, Ryan will give you a simple yet powerful Qigong practice individually chosen to support your path to health and wholeness.


your healing session will:

»  help relieve chronic pain
»  release stress
»  reset your body’s natural healing ability
»  purify the emotional body
»  restore you to the state of inner connection
»  bring clarity to life questions
»  facilitate the meditative state
»  connect you directly with your inner guidance


Cost is $75 for 1 hour session


I Ching Life Counseling


The answers to your life’s questions are already within you.


These readings are designed to bring lightness and clarity to your life by connecting with the ancient wisdom of the Yijing (I-Ching), the multi-dimensional Chinese book of living wisdom and guidance.

Together we will sit and enjoy the Qi (vital energy) of the rare teas of China as we ask the Sage for guidance and clarity in any part of your life. Whether you come with specific questions regarding love, health, abundance, work dynamics, family, or are just feeling a ‘stuckness’ in your heart, we can look deeply into the issue and open to following the guidance of the Dao. No experience with the Yijing (or Tea) required.


Cost is $60 for 1 hour session


Private Qigong, Taijiquan or XinYi Lessons


Deepen or begin your journey of Daoist Spiritual Cultivation with individually tailored lessons.  Together we will refine the details of your chosen practice so you may harvest the best Qi medicine possible from your cultivation.


cost is $60 for 1 hour session

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